Job Application - Richmond Waldorf School

Job Posting OPEN

Director of Education (Pedagogical Director)

Reports to: Director of Administration

Richmond Waldorf School is seeking a Director of Education to oversee the pedagogical operations of the school.  This person will work in collaboration with the Faculty College, Director of Administration, and the Board of Trustees to foster a school culture where parental involvement, faculty development, and pedagogical aims all work together to create the best possible learning environment for the students. 

The successful candidate will be a bridge-builder who can inspire confidence and trust between the various constituents of the school.  While it will be important to involve all the stakeholders in the decision-making process whenever possible, this person will also need to make important decisions independently.  This person should be unfailingly child-centered in their decision making.

The primary responsibilities of the Director of Education are broadly captured under five areas, with the focus or emphasis shifting between areas as the needs of the organization strategically evolve: 

  1. Faculty Leadership

  • Assures quality of teaching and appropriate delivery of the curriculum

  • Coordinates and oversees faculty development, evaluation and mentoring

  • Supports teachers in the on-going assessment of students, including development and implementation of instructional methods to best support them

  • Supports faculty members in addressing parental concerns and ensures follow up and timely resolution occur 

  • Attends crucial teacher-parent meetings

  • Regularly observes classroom lessons and activities

  1. Pedagogical Leadership

  • Works closely with the faculty, including contracted faculty, and the Faculty College to define and implement the pedagogical vision and goals of the school to ensure alignment with the school’s long range plan and mission

  • Ensures that the pedagogical goals meet AWSNA and SAIS accreditation standards

  • Maintains an awareness of ongoing curriculum and pedagogical developments in both Waldorf education and the larger educational community

  • Works in conjunction with the Faculty College and the Director of Administration to ensure that pedagogical and administrative policies and procedures are appropriately aligned

  • Works with the Faculty College to oversee the faculty-hiring process and recruitment efforts, which are supported by the Administration’s Human Resources processes

  1. Community Leadership

  • Upholds open and consistent lines of communication regarding pedagogical issues among and between the faculty, staff, Board of Trustees, and parents

  • Regularly attends Board Meetings, Faculty College and Full Faculty meetings

  1. Collaboration with the Director of Administration

  • Analyzes retention information and works to establish a retention strategy.

  • Supports the volunteer efforts of the community

  • Develops a programs financial plan for the school

  • Addresses school wide communication for Pedagogical issues

  • Stays informed about school issues, including personnel

  • Supports enrollment, marketing, and outreach efforts which would include analyzing customer satisfaction and alumni feedback

  • Participates in the faculty annual evaluation process

  1. Parental Liaison

  • Facilitates open and consistent communication between the faculty and the Parents Association

  • Regularly attends Parent Association meetings

  • Develops parent education events, in conjunction with faculty and Parents Association to advocate and explain Waldorf pedagogy

The preferred candidate will have a background working in Waldorf Education and demonstrated leadership experience as it relates to curriculum, student assessment, faculty evaluation, community building, and professional development.  The Director of Education will be expected not only to be enthusiastically accessible to students, staff, and the parental community, but also be a compelling advocate for Waldorf education to the greater Richmond community. 

Minimum Salary: $55,000 Benefits: Dental, Life, ADD, LTD and STD, PTO, Remission eligible

NOTE: Please include a cover letter with your application summarizing why you believe you are a good fit for the position.